EP 02 | From Shy Girl to Confidence Coach with Jordan Thomson

Manifestation podcast_from shy girl to confidence coach with jordan thomson

Jordan Thomson is a former shy girl who’s now a confidence coach, speaker, and the Host of the Journal Theory podcast. She helps women break through the identity that is keeping them small and empowers them to step into confidence.

Jordan and I found each other on Instagram where I immediately felt connected to her. Every time I talk to her, I learn something new and feel so inspired.

In this episode, Jordan and I talk all about how she became more confident, the steps she took in shifting her mindset, and how confidence is connected to your vibration and manifesting.

Remember - you are only vibrations away from your desires. 


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Highlights of what we cover during this episode

  • Jordan’s journey from shy kid to confidence coach

  • How three years in Thailand turned me into a shy person

  • The lasting impact significant emotional events can have on how you see yourself

  • Why Jordan believes being shy is not a personality trait or the same as being an introvert

  • The connection between taking inspired actions and uncomfortable actions

  • The two easiest and quickest ways to increase your confidence

  • Why some women aren’t great at accepting compliments and Jordan’s advice on how to change that

  • The benefits of becoming more confident

  • Jordan’s tips for coming back after something shakes your confidence

  • What Jordan does to raise her vibration

  • How journaling can help you gain confidence

  • What Jordan does as a mom to help her daughter grow to be confident

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