EP 03 | How I Manifested Half My Vision Board in 30 Days

Manifestation podcast_how i manifested half my vision board in 30 days

When I stop and think about my life, I still find it crazy that I’m basically living the exact life that used to be just a vision board for me. Now, I want to make it clear that I didn’t record this episode to brag about my life, but to show you that it’s 100% possible to manifest everything you desire and more.

In this episode, I share the full stories of how I manifested half my vision board in less than 30 days. These stories include what was on my vision board that I was able to manifest so quickly, how it happened, the lessons I learned in the process, and my best tips for you.

Remember - you are only vibrations away from your desires. 


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highlights of what we cover during this episode

  • How I manifested two free international business class flights

  • Why you shouldn’t refuse the universe when it gives you exactly what you want

  • How I manifested all the pieces coming together so I could experience freedom in the form of being location independent

  • How I manifested a style coach and had it turn out better than I dreamed it would

  • How I manifested a yoga retreat in Bali

  • Why you should make a vision board even though it’s not necessary in order to manifest the things you want

  • My number one tip for using a vision board to manifest your desires

  • Why you need to be super aware of how your vision board makes you feel

  • Why you need to let the universe figure out the time and way things will manifest for you

  • The importance of believing the items on your vision board are actually possible

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