EP 07 | Passion, Personal Development, & Living Life by Design with Coach KarFei

Manifestation podcast_Passion, Personal Development, and Living Life by Design with Coach KarFei

KarFei Cheah is the Founder & Lead Coach of Life Redesigned, one of the go-to millennial development companies in Malaysia. He is also the Resident Coach of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet.

KarFei’s fascination with human behavior and psychology from an early age kickstarted his journey with coaching 8 years ago. Enthralled with how people worked and why they do the things they do, he pursued knowledge from the world’s best teachers in leadership, coaching, hypnosis, subconscious mind, and personal well-being.

KarFei is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches by Forbes and he’s been a part of the Hive Global Leaders Program in Harvard Business School and the Global Shapers Community initiative by World Economic Forum.

In this episode, KarFei discusses his personal journey, what mindset shifts he had to make, why investing in yourself is so important to your growth, what passion really means to him, how he developed so much confidence, how he uses his intuition to make big life decisions, and more!

Remember - you are only vibrations away from your desires. 


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Highlights of what we cover during this episode

  • What KarFei means when he says people live life by default

  • How KarFei helps his clients take the power back in their own lives

  • KarFei’s role at Mindvalley

  • The Japanese word KarFei has tattooed on his arm and the significance it holds for him and his work

  • Why we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to find the one perfect career that meets every criterion we think it should meet

  • Why KarFei invests so much financially in personal development

  • What KarFei wants us all to know about our subconscious mind

  • KarFei’s pre-speech routine that helps calm his nerves

  • What KarFei does to raise his vibration

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