EP 15 | Self-Love & Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs with Sabi Kerr

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Sabi Kerr is a self-love & transformational life coach. Her mission is to guide women to fall deeper in love with themselves, so they can create their dream lives full of passion and purpose. She believes that every woman deserves to be fully in her power: to live from a place of worthiness and love for all that she is already. From this space, epic transformations in every aspect of life can occur.

Sabi and I met when we were both part of a group business coaching program and she stays about hour from me here in Bali. What I love about her is that she exudes self-love and confidence and that she is exactly how she appears on her Instagram.

In this episode, Sabi and I talk about self-love, worthiness, and how they are the foundation of manifestation. We also dive really deep into the topic of limiting beliefs and the steps we can take to uncover and break through them. So, grab your alignment drink and let’s dive in.

Remember - you are only vibrations away from your desires. 


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Highlights of what we cover during this episode

  • Sabi’s seemingly unrelated careers and how they’ve all helped lead her to what she does today

  • The connection between self-love and your vibration

  • What are limiting beliefs and how do they impact you?

  • How limiting beliefs are formed

  • The first step in overcoming a limiting belief

  • The most common limiting beliefs Sabi sees in working with her clients

  • An example of a limiting belief Sabi personally had and how she changed it

  • How to recognize what your limiting beliefs are

  • The powerful lesson that came from her mother refusing to buy her a Barbie™ doll as a young child

  • How Sabi practices self-love

  • Why both Sabi and I put our phones in airplane mode before going to bed each night

  • What Sabi’s morning routine looks like

  • The physical activity Sabi uses to raise her vibration

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