EP 17 | Awareness, Ego, and Overcoming Anxiety & Depression with Donna Jean

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Donna Jean is a spiritual coach who leads people out of their suffering using yoga philosophy and spiritual principles. She teaches others how to use these principles and knowledge in a practical way and her purpose is to facilitate awareness, healing, and transformation in others.

As a 500-hour yoga teacher skilled in a niche method of vinyasa flow, Synchronized Vinyasa, Donna Jean’s job is to guide her class to all move and breathe together as if they are one. She is on a mission to create a movement of taking the 'weirdness' out of spirituality.

In this episode, Donna Jean and I talk about the ego, self-awareness, what it means to take responsibility for your life, overcoming anxiety and depression, the danger of staying in your comfort zone, and more! So, grab your alignment drink and let’s dive in!

Remember - you are only vibrations away from your desires. 


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highlights of what we cover during this episode

  • Why Donna Jean is so passionate about teaching yoga

  • How being late for one yoga class changed everything for Donna Jean

  • The moment Donna Jean realized she was practicing fake gratitude and how that led her to teach yoga in Cambodia

  • What it was like for Donna Jean to move back to the United States after traveling for eight months

  • The connection between yoga and spirituality

  • Donna Jean’s journey of being cynical and resentful towards coaches to becoming one herself

  • How Donna Jean overcame her victim mindset and took responsibility for her own life

  • The root cause of anxiety and how Donna Jean helps her clients with their anxiety

  • Donna Jean’s morning alignment practice

  • How to manifest when you’re not feeling good about things

  • Why Donna Jean knows that a comfort zone is a detrimental place to be

  • What Donna Jean does to raise her vibration

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