EP 20 | How I Am Manifesting with Speed & Ease

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Over the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing little teasers about the manifestations I’ve been experiencing in my Instagram stories and I’ve had so many people asking to hear the full stories behind these manifestations that I’ve decided to break them all down for you here.

So, in this episode, I’m sharing all the magical manifestations that have happened to me in the past two weeks alone. But, it’s not just the manifestations themselves that I’m talking about. I’m also sharing how they happened with speed and ease. So, grab your alignment drink and let’s get started!

Remember - you are only vibrations away from your desires. 


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highlights of what we cover during this episode

  • The doubts I experienced that almost prevented me from recording this episode

  • How getting rid of some of our belongings opened the space for one of my husband’s vision board items to become a reality

  • How I manifested the perfect dress in the perfect shop

  • How I manifested the exact flip flops I wanted within hours without even trying

  • The flower bath manifestation that happened so quickly and easily that I doubted it at first

  • The manifestation of the free floating breakfast

  • My manifestation at the Bali swings

  • How I manifested free yoga classes

  • The manifestation that involved mold and the perfect Airbnb rental

  • The manifestation that will lead to us celebrating the happiest animal on the planet

  • The common themes in all these manifestation stories

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