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Have you been reading all the personal development books, listening to the podcasts, and doing the mindset work, but you haven’t seen any big changes in your life?

You’ve experienced the power of manifestation in some areas of your life, but other areas like career, a partner, money, or freedom feel so difficult.

You are READY for your desires to start effortlessly flowing into your life.

You KNOW you’re worthy of an amazing life. You deeply believe that to your core.⁠

You KNOW that the law of attraction is powerful and can be life changing for you.

You’ve seen it work for other people, and BELIEVE it can work for you.

You just wish you had a guide to show you the way.

I can help you create the life you truly desire.

I used to be just like you. After hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of study and experimentation, I finally learned how to work WITH the universe to manifest the exact life that used to be just a dream on a vision board.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to study for hours or spend tons of money, because I did it for you. I will share everything I learned to manifest a life that I LOVE.

I want you to know that money, success, love, happiness, health, freedom, and abundance are all available to you. You can have it all. But it will not come to you from outer actions.

It will come from doing the inner work.   

The good news is that your inner state is ALWAYS in your control and you can make these changes at any time you wish.

And that’s exactly what we’ll do together.

I will teach you how to transform on the inside so that the outer manifestations must come.

It is a law of the universe!

Dana Nelson

“Before I worked with Kim, I felt like a tangled mess inside. I knew I really wanted a life that made me feel good but I felt like it was seriously out of my reach. It was like the harder I was trying, the further away my dreams went.

After the first meeting, I felt like my attitude was totally rejuvenated. I felt supported and realized I didn’t have to do this alone! What a relief. The entire process helped me get back in touch with the magic of life and I learned even more about what my own intuition wanted.

Kim is an authentic and professional coach that made me feel safe, validated, and heard. She also has really keen insight for recognizing pesky, limiting beliefs! She makes the process of manifestation less mysterious and way more approachable!

I went from weeks of absolutely 0 responses to 7 job interviews within the following weeks. The entire process ended up in a personal breakthrough where my life has been transformed into what I like to call my very own fairytale. The investment and effort in one's own inner-peace and happiness is better spent than on any product.

If you’re curious, perhaps your intuition led you to her!”

- Dana Nelson

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Are you ready to...?

  • Give up the hustle and hard work and start living with ease and flow

  • Acknowledge the stories, beliefs, and conditioning that are no longer serving you and open yourself up to unlimited possibilities

  • Let go of your limitations and start enjoying life

  • Step out of the energy that is perpetuating the unwanted and step into the energy that will allow you to effortlessly manifest what you desire

  • Take a deep look at what’s going on in your inner world in order to shift your outer world

  • Stop trying to “make” things happen and learn how to start co-creating with the universe

  • Embrace a new paradigm for how the world works

  • Experience your transformation with patience and enjoy the beautiful unfolding along the way


working with me you will...

  • Truly understand how the laws of the universe work and why the techniques you’ve been using so far haven’t been working in the way that you want

  • Master how to use the power of your personal vibration to create the life you truly desire

  • Discover how to feel your way through life and follow what feels aligning to you

  • Understand how to leverage alignment and when to take action (if at all)

  • Realize that you already have all the answers inside and learn how to access them at any time

  • Clarify what you really want and how to align with the energy of that

  • Explore how to awaken your inner guidance system and tap into your intuition daily to receive guidance

  • Learn how to slow down and tune inwards

  • Release old thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you

  • Have fun! Because life is supposed to be fun

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You will learn how to...

  • Start living life as the powerful creator that you are

  • Wake up every morning feeling a deep sense of joy, peace, and appreciation

  • Rediscover and strengthen your connection with your intuition

  • Find it easier to make decisions with confidence

  • Become attuned to intuitive nudges and know when to follow them

  • Start effortlessly lining up with all the ideas, people, situations, and circumstances that bring you closer to your desires

  • Develop a new relationship with action and start seeing MORE results while doing LESS

  • Experience life in a magical state of ease, joy, and flow

Dhavita Filek.png

“I knew I wanted to inspire and connect with more people but I couldn't figure out what steps to take next. I was really focused on succeeding in the "instapoet" community and it felt like a lot of effort for minimal results. I wrote my book effortlessly, but promoting it was not my thing. When I worked with Kim, I realized that poetry comes naturally to me because of my meditation practice. For the first time I actually said out loud that I wanted to teach meditation.

Kim helped me see how I was clinging to a limiting belief that I needed formal training to teach meditation. I was convinced that my years of dedicated practice and personal experience didn't make me credible enough. We talked about my fears around doing videos.

In just one week, I was putting videos on my IG stories, sharing about my experience with meditation, and I actually had people asking me questions! It was like a path just started naturally unfolding. I somehow connected with a local meditation teacher and she invited me out for coffee. She bought my book and promoted it to her large following. I did a live reading of my work and connected with like-minded writers. It's like I'm being handed opportunity after opportunity.

Kim was able to show up for me fully and call me out on my BS but in the kindest most authentic way. I felt encouraged and challenged. It was amazing. I can't recommend her enough. If she can do all that with one phone call, I can only imagine what long term results look like.

Thank you so much Kim! I can't even remember how I came across you but I think it's because the universe knew I needed you.”

- Dhavita Filek

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work with me

deep dive session

If you’re looking for more clarity in a specific area of your life, this private 2-hour session will get you the support and guidance you need so that you can become a vibrational match to your desires.

  • 1 x 2-hour private 1:1 coaching session via Zoom

  • Recording of the call so that you can revisit again in your own time


3 month vip mentorship

  • 3 month transformational mentorship

  • 6 x 90 minute private bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Recordings of calls so that you can revisit again in your own time

  • 12 weeks of unlimited voice & messaging support so that you have FULL support between sessions (my clients attribute their accelerated success to this!)

  • Accountability, encouragement, support, and tools so you can make actual, lasting changes

  • Intuition interviews during sessions as needed so you can tap into your inner guidance

  • Full access to all of my mindset strategies and manifestation techniques so you can fast track your results

  • Lifetime access to all of the past masterclasses so you can quickly become a master manifestor

  • BONUS: Alignment box! A curated selection of high vibrational items (customized specifically for you) to support you on your journey

*by application only


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“I decided to commit to the VIP Mentorship. I believe the best and most important investment is in myself and my personal growth.

My experience working with Kim was amazing. She really helped me on so many levels, but the most notable was connecting with my intuition and working through limiting beliefs. Each week, I looked forward to what we would talk about and always got more than I had hoped for. I was really able to propel forward in many areas in my life.

During and since working with her, I was able to see myself taking action and following through successfully setting and achieved numerous goals. Big, scary ones!

I am constantly growing, am forever grateful for all that I have learned and my time spent with Kim!”

- Dori Lavina

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Even the smallest shift in your energy and perception can allow infinite possibilities into your life.

Coley Nelson

“Kim is an exceptional coach with a calming demeanor and warm spirit. I left feeling at peace and excited for what the future would bring! Kim focused in on the unanswered questions that were weighing on my heart and made sure to address topics we discussed in the briefing. She also shared a recording of our session so I could revisit the messages received from my intuition at that time. I highly recommend Kim if you are committed to bringing the greatest and highest good of the universe into your life.”

- Coley Nelson

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I use an intuitive approach, so each session will be different based on what support you need. Your program will be highly personalized to you, but some of the topics we may discuss include:

  • Energy

  • The laws of the universe

  • Personal vibration

  • Discovering and shifting limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming fear

  • Developing deep self-awareness

  • Alignment

  • Raising your vibration

  • Stepping into your future self

  • How to connect to your intuition

  • The difference between the intuition and the mind

  • Intuition interviews

  • Meditation

  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind

  • How to develop an abundance mindset

  • Tools for manifestation

  • “Striving action” vs “inspired action”

  • Releasing resistance

  • Adjusting your language

  • Rampages of appreciation

Ingrid Mangiagalli

“I have been on quite a journey the last few months, but my call with Kim certainly broke down things for me and the way she explains manifestation makes it super easy to understand.

I used to struggle to manifest but after our call, I am constantly manifesting things by just thinking it one day and suddenly the next day it pops up in some kind of random way. I am much more aware of things manifesting in my life where before I would never notice it. I was very stuck on why my big goals and desires didn't manifest yet, but she helped me change my perspective and I am learning to trust more and release the outcome and the how.

Learning about manifestation has skyrocketed my life and business and I would highly recommend Kim's coaching for anyone interested to learn and grow more! She is highly relatable and has a passion to help others manifest and succeed.

Thank you Kim!”

- Ingrid Mangiagalli

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next steps


Book a complimentary call. I give my VIP clients personalized attention, so spots are limited and reserved for those who are ready to create their own reality.

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We’ll meet for our discovery call. If I have availability and we both feel we are a good fit, then I will send you an email to confirm your spot.

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We’ll start our journey together! You'll receive a link to join our meeting via Zoom at our scheduled time.


ready to create the life you desire?

If you feel connected, then I invite you to reach out!

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hi, i’m kim.

I help people from all over the world master the law of attraction so they can manifest a life they love.

My approach is different than other teachers because I won’t make you do intense visualizations, repeat affirmations, or make elaborate vision boards. I used to do those too until I fully understood how to leverage the power of my personal vibration and the deep wisdom of my intuition. You’re welcome to do those activities if they bring you joy, but they are not required to create your desires. In fact, they may possibly be delaying your desires even more.

Instead, we’ll shift your vibration and tune inward to seek guidance from your intuition. I will teach you all the tools so that you can continue doing this yourself for the rest of your life.

Law of Attraction Coach
Anna Salumbides

“Kim is so good at what she does. Her voice was so calm and nurturing, quickly putting me and my mind chatter at ease. She knew the right questions to ask and when initial answers weren't very detailed she knew what else to ask in order to draw some additional guidance from my intuition that I was able to use after our session. 

If you want help connecting to your inner wisdom, to your soul who knows you like no other, I highly recommend working with Kim. Whether you're just getting started on your journey to connect within or if you have an area in your life that is harder for you to gain clarity on, Kim is your girl!”

- Anna salumbides

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i’ve manifested...

  • Financial abundance, free business class flights, unexpected money, and sweepstakes prizes

  • Location independence, flexible jobs, beautiful apartments, luxury condos, and lifelong friends

  • Traveling the world, living abroad, retreats, workshops, and luxury vacations

  • Attracted and married my soulmate and had a dream beach wedding in Thailand

  • Met numerous people I admire in person, completely out of the blue

  • Seemingly magical opportunities and circumstances flow into my life constantly

But most importantly... 

i’ve found peace in my soul, clarity in my mind, and fulfillment in my life


my intuition has never lead me wrong


why am i telling you this?

Because if I can experience it, then you can experience it too!

It is equally possible for you.

I’m just a regular, normal person.

I am not lucky, talented, or special. We are both made of the same thing.

If we work together, I won’t be teaching the same old manifestation techniques.

I will teach you from my own personal experience how to leverage the power of your personal vibration and seek guidance from your intuition to create the life you truly desire.

we’ll shift your inner reality in order to create the outer reality you desire.

You will no longer have to hustle, make anything happen, or go after what you want because your desires will start effortlessly flowing to you.


is your intuition saying yes?

Then I invite you to reach out!

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